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“I am writing to inform you of my families experience for the last 6 months at Dr. Varela’s chiropractic office. I was the first to go and was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis of my lower back. The first 2 visits included x – rays, exam, adjustments, and a prescription of the treatment. I was impressed with how thorough Dr. Varela was in outlining my case and how respectful that he dealt with us. I’ve been more impressed with the detailed explanation during the adjustment of what’s going on. It’s almost been like a play by play with a radio announcer. It really can put a patient at ease and give them confidence that a custom – adjustment was done and the body responded well to it. Our backs are feeling the best that they have ever due to the regular treatments there!


Claudia and Nicole have also displayed warm attitudes each time that we’ve came through. I’ve had 2 other chiropractic experiences in my life and nothing compares to the level of professionalism at natural Wellness Care. I plan on having my family regularly be treated by them for a long time to come.


Thank you Dr. Varela and staff for making our experience absolutely excellent!”


- Nick C.

“I was seen for lower back pain and stiffness that had been occurring off and on for a few years. Never having been to a chiropractor, I was a little hesitant. Dr. Varela was highly recommended to me by a friend at my gym who had suffered severe back pain from a motor vehicle accident and was back to exercising and riding horses. Since being treated by Dr. Varela for a little over a year now, I have been able to get back to exercising as normal.


Dr. Varela’s staff is very courteous, always flexible when I need to schedule and has worked with me for a payment arrangements with no pressure. One instance in particular, I came in for a treatment with severe headache and Dr. Varela took the time and even stayed after hours to put ice on my neck and make sure I felt better before I left. Not many doctors would take the extra time and effort to do that for their patients.


I have also recommended Dr. Varela to several friends and referred by husband to him. He had suffered from chronic hiccups for a week or more and the doctor got them to stop temporarily and after treating him, suggest he need to be checked for something that might be more serious. Since coming in for treatment, he has not suffered with headaches though that he had every day an unexpected relief.


I can honestly say that Dr. Varela (unlike other doctor visits) is the only doctor I actually look forward to an appointment.”

- Elaine L.

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“I was in a vehicle accident approximately 2 years ago. Prior to my accident, I had a full and active lifestyle. Besides the duties of my career, I enjoyed working out, riding my horses and jogging regularly. Unfortunately, the accident caused some major pain in my lower back that I had never experienced before.


Dr. Varela took X – Rays and I was pleased to hear what he had to say. He then said if I gave him 90 days, he would have me back to doing everything I was able to do prior to the accident. Well, to say the least, it had only been 60 days into it and I went out on my first camping trip with the horses, was able to set up my own tent, and have finally been able to begin working out again. The pain in my lower back has subsided tremendously! Even to this day, now almost into the 90th day, I’m back into my gym class, riding my horses regularly, and getting my body back into shape.


From this point forward, I will continue with the Chiropractic adjustments for the sole purpose of maintenance and in the meantime the countless pleasures of enjoying a few massages from their Massage Therapist Nicole.


Thanks to all at Natural Wellness Care Center and mainly Dr. Varela for everything he has done for me.”

- Ruthie G.

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